Call 874-7071:
  • To request office network and phone port activation
  • To report a problem.
  • Since the VoIP phone is an asset owned and maintained by your department, the department will have to purchase a new phone if your phone is damaged after that date; see Buying a VoIP Phone for more information.

  • The Self Care Portal is a login Website that allows you to set up and control your URI telephone features such as voicemail, speed dial, and forwarding. Go to: 

    Log in with your e-Campus ID and Sakai password.

    The page that opens shows an image of any phone in the URI system to which you have authorized access. If you do not see any phones, contact the MTS Telecommunications office at 874-4140.

    You will see three tabs at the top of the screen: Phones, IM & Availability and General Settings. By selecting the appropriate tab, you can do the following:

    Phones  This is the default opening page for the portal named My Phones. It shows your Company Phones and Additional Phones. In the left menu under My Phones, you can select Phone Settings or Call Forwarding to set up or edit your phone features.

    Phone Settings:

    • Speed Dial Numbers
    • Services
    • Ring Settings
    • Voicemail Notification Settings
    • Call History
    • Phone Contacts

    You can also click on the phone image to Edit information about your phone, modify Settings, and access the user manual for that phone.

    Call Forwarding:

    • Primary Line
      Forward All Calls
      Advanced Calling Rules
    • Secondary Line(s)

    IM & Availability – Currently not in use.

    General Settings

    • Language: Only English currently available.
    • Client/Portal Password: Your password is defined in e-Campus and cannot be changed through the Self Care Portal.
    • Phone Services PIN:A llows you to change the PIN used by Extension Mobility. This is not for your voicemail PIN!
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