CELS senior has the dirt on a career in soil science

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Chelsea Duball
Chelsea Duball

University of Rhode Island senior Chelsea Duball was never one who worried about getting dirty. Her passion for the outdoors carried her through a successful college career that took her from the national soil judging competition to the national club field hockey championships. As she prepares to graduate in May with a degree in environmental science and management, the Exeter, N.H., native is looking forward to a career where her hands are never far from the soil.

“I’ve always been that girl who rolled around in the dirt,” Duball said with a smile. “I worked on a sustainable farm back home. It’s my life. I just love being hands on with the elements.”

She proved that again and again throughout her time at URI, especially as a leader of the university’s soil judging team. Duball and the URI team placed second in the 2014 national soil judging competition, an academic event in which she and fellow students spend time in large pits in the ground analyzing the composition and characteristics of the soil to assess its appropriateness for constructing homes, roads or septic systems on the site.

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