Public Records at URI

As a public entity, the University of Rhode Island is subject to the requirements of the Rhode Island Access to Public Records Act, R.I.G.L. §§ 38-2-1 to -16 (“APRA”). APRA is a state law that promotes government transparency by providing access to the public records of state agencies and other public bodies in the state of Rhode Island. At URI, we are committed to responding to public records requests as promptly as possible, while also protecting the privacy rights of our students and employees.

This website was created to facilitate the process of requesting and receiving public records from URI. The site includes information about how to submit a public records request to URI pursuant to APRA, information on frequently asked questions, links to additional related resources, and information for URI employees who may receive public records requests.

APRA requests for police-related documents, such as police reports, are subject to the policies outlined on the University of Rhode Island Police Department website. Learn more

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