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Colloquium Proposals

The Honors Program and Visiting Scholars Committee invites interested faculty and faculty teams to submit proposals for Fall 2020 Honors Colloquium. The Honors Colloquium is the premiere intellectual lecture series in Rhode Island and serves as a showcase for the University. The Colloquium is a university-wide educational forum with a substantial public following and audience that offers presentations and discussions of emerging lively, challenging intellectual issues. Each fall, the Honors Colloquium combines a topical series of speakers and events with a 200-level honors course. Participation in a Honors Colloquium is a completion requirement for the Honors Program, and in the last few years the average class size has been 50-70 students.

Substantial financial support is in place for a speakers budget, summer recontracting, and course replacement. In addition, financial liaisons for additional support have been established over past recent years with the various colleges, research centers, and academic programs on campus. Colloquium coordinators are also encouraged to seek external support.

Selection of the winning proposal is made by the Honors Program and Visiting Scholars Committee. The proposal should include:

  • a concept paper of one to two pages that frames the intellectual issue(s);
  • a list or brief account of potential speakers and special events;
  • a rough estimate of a budget;
  • a brief course description for the 200-level honors class, including a sample syllabus and reading list;
  • curriculum vitae for the colloquium coordinator(s).

There are several successful proposals available for your perusal in the Honors Center. Please contact Deborah Gardiner at 874-2303 if you wish to look these over.

Previous colloquia:

Fall, 2003 “The Futures of Globalization”
Fall, 2004 “Food and Human Rights: Hunger and Social Policy”
Fall, 2005 “Contemporary Sport: Healthy Pursuit or Obsession?”
Fall, 2006 “Songs of Social Justice: The Rhetoric of Music”
Fall, 2007 “China Rising”
Fall, 2008 “Global Environmental Change”
Fall, 2009 “Demystifying India”
Fall, 2010 “Race”
Fall, 2011 “Are You Ready for the Future?”
Fall, 2012 “Politics, Health and Money”
Fall, 2013 “Great Public Schools”
Fall, 2014 “Cyber-Security and Privacy”
Fall, 2015 “The Power of Humor”
Fall, 2016 “Inequality and the American Dream”

The Honors Colloquium is a wonderful opportunity to engage the University and public with your area of research and intellectual concern. If you have any comments or questions, please call Lynne Derbyshire at 874-4732 or email her at

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