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Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A.)


If you chose to study toward a Bachelor of Arts in music, three areas of concentration will be made available to you. Within the guidelines of the Department of Music and the College of Arts and Sciences, and with help from an academic advisor, your study will be divided (approximately) into one-third music courses (applied lessons on instrument or voice, ensemble participation, theory, literature and history, etc.); one-third basic liberal arts study; and one-third electives including music and other subjects.

Areas of Concentration:

  • Music
    Our concentration in music offers you a focus on music performance, history, and theory with courses in the liberal arts including fine arts and literature, letters (history, philosophy and religion, speech), social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, English communication (writing and general communication), and foreign language and culture.
  • Music History and Literature
    Our concentration in music history and literature offers you a focus on musicology—the history of music and the musical literature of all historical periods. This concentration requires additional music history courses, foreign language study and includes theory, analysis, and counterpoint. Emphasis is on the traditions of Western art music, but includes world music, American popular styles, and the art of listening.
  • Jazz Studies
    If you choose to concentrate in jazz studies you will focus on jazz performance, history, theory, improvisation and its cultural aspects. The jazz studies concentration can be part of a double degree or major program. It is also offered as a minor and as a performance concentration option for the Bachelor of Music degree.


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