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PHY 111: General Physics I

 Course Information

Please note that exact details of the course can vary

Professors:  Dr. Michael Tammaro, Dr. Suren Malik, Dr. Andre van Tonder, Dr Michael Antosh

Please note that one of the professors might not be teaching this course in the current semester. Please check eCampus to find out which professor is in charge for the current semester before contacting anyone above

Semester: Fall/Spring/Summer
Credits: 4 (lecture 3, lab 1)
Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in PHY185 (the lab for PHY111)

Course Goals & Outcomes:

The principles of physics are the basis of all modern technology, and understanding the concepts of physics and knowing how to solve physics problems is a key indicator of success in advanced study in all technical fields, including biology, medicine, and the health sciences. The purpose, then, of these courses is to give students a broad understanding of physics and a foundation in problem solving and critical thinking.

Course Description

PHY111/185 is  taken by students majoring in one of the biological sciences, animal science, or kinesiology. It is also required for students preparing to apply to medical, dental, or veterinary school, and also physical therapy graduate school.

This course meets 3 times per week for lecture, once per week for lab (two hours). Separate enrollment in each is required.
Topics covered in this course include:

  • Kinematics
  • Newton’s laws
  • Work and energy
  • Energy conservation
  • Momentum and momentum conservation
  • Rotational kinematics and dynamics
  • Gravity
  • Fluids and thermal physics

Detailed Course Syllabus for Spring 2017: TBA


Detailed Course Syllabus for Fall 2016:

Section 01 : contact professor Antosh

Section 02 : Download PDF



Contact Information:

Please check eCampus for the professor in charge for the current semester before attempting to contact anyone below.Your inquires may be unanswered or delayed if  not sent  to the correct person.

Dr. Michael Tammaro (contactDr. Tammaro )

Dr. Andre van Tonder( contact Dr. van Tonder )

Dr Michael Antosh

Dr. Suren Malik

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