Considering a water treatment system? Test and talk before you treat!

Before purchasing a water treatment system, test your water at a State-certified lab.  The test results will help you determine if you have a water quality problem that needs treating.  There are many different kinds of water treatment systems available and no one system will fix every problem.  Often, more than one treatment system may be needed.

Many private well owners contact me to help them understand their water test results and if water treatment is necessary.  Learn as much as you about treatment options so that when you go shopping for a system, you’re a SMART consumer.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions.  We’ve also developed a series of Safe Well Water RI Tip Sheets and have several on treatment systems.

All treatment systems require maintenance for them to continue to work properly.  Filters need changing, or, the system needs backwashing, or, the resin beads need refilling.  When buying a treatment system make sure you confirm who is responsible for regular maintenance.  Will the treatment company come and service the system every year, or will you be responsible for regular maintenance?

Many private well owners have a cartridge filter to remove sand, small rock or other small particles that may be in the well water.  These filters require regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance for a cartridge filter requires that you change the filter and disinfect the housing.  Unscrew the cartridge from the plumbing, clean and disinfect it using a capful of regular household bleach.  Rinse well and replace the cartridge, put in a new filter, another capful of regular household bleach and secure the cover.

Remember:  Test and Talk before you treatment!  Call or email me with questions and for more information about well water testing and treatment.