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“Sense of belonging, spirit of adventure, connections and networking” are the three key phrases that Robert Vincent, one of the Center for Student Leadership Development’s (CSLD) coordinators, uses to accurately illustrate the students’ experience at URI’s annual Leadership Institute. Located on the University of Rhode Island’s beautiful W. Alton Jones campus, the Leadership Institute is a 3-day experience from Friday, September 2-4, 2016 for first-year leaders to connect and create a foundation for leadership development and to the University.

The Leadership Institute is for first-year students who have exhibited leadership potential in high school and who also wish to get a head start on the many leadership development opportunities offered at the University of Rhode Island, including the CSLD’s minor in Leadership Studies.  Aside from giving first-year leaders a head start, students will begin to develop a personal philosophy and a set of goals that will be carried throughout their four years at URI. Center for Student Leadership Development

“The most rewarding part of Institute for first-year students is having them recognize that everyone is a leader and has something to offer,” Vincent explains.  The Institute, first offered by the CSLD more than 19 years ago, ensures students make connections early on and that they build their sense of belonging to community while getting ready to embark on their own personal journey. First-year leaders benefit from Institute because of the lasting contacts made with the experienced peer leadership staff, as well as numerous staff and faculty members who give of their time to welcome our newest students before the first day of school.

To become part of the 2016 Institute, students are encouraged to apply on-line at web.uri.edu/leadership/institute.  Participants are asked to write a personalized essay about how they feel that the Leadership Institute experience can best assist their transition from high school to college, as well as to share something about their areas of passion and commitment.  The CSLD staff selects 100 students and matches them with peer leaders who share a common interest to further build affinity groups for the incoming class of student leaders.  The fee to participate  is $150, however there are limited scholarships available to assist interested participants and their families.

Connor CurtisThe Leadership Institute provides more than 100 connections for new students – a great way to spend your first weekend at college!  According to Connor Curtis, this program gave her a sense of belonging and confidence to recognize her own strengths, passion and purpose. She entered as a shy business marketing major and through the Center for Student Leadership Development; she realized her true goal is to work with high risk students in higher education. To be a part of this life changing experience, students who are interested must submit their application before the July 8, 2016 deadline.

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Story by Ashley Stetson
Class of 2017, Public Relations Major and Leadership Studies Minor

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Video by Elana Rivkin
Class of 2018, Film Major, Sociology and Leadership Studies Minor

Steven Leone, Assistant
Class of 2018, Marketing Major and Leadership Studies Minor