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University Conduct System

The University Conduct System at the University of Rhode Island is designed to hold students accountable for maintaining the standards of conduct of the URI community. For more detailed information about specific conduct policies and procedures, please refer to the URI Student Handbook or call the Office of Student Life.

Statement of Students’ Rights

  • Students have the right to freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of inquiry and peaceful assembly.
  • Students have the right to respect and human dignity, and to a learning environment free of disruption and intimidation.
  • Students have the right to freedom from harassment, hazing, and any form of illegal discrimination.
  • Students have the right to respect for their property.
  • Students have the right to redress through a grievance procedure.
  • Students have the right to personal privacy, protection against improper disclosure.
  • Students have the right to know grading criteria and to know graduation dates.
  • Students have the right to know statistics concerning crime on and around campus.

Rights of Students Charged with a Violation of University Policy

The rights of students who have been charged with a violation of university policy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The right to be notified in writing of any charges
  • The right to choose one of two courses of action: administrative action or action by the URI Conduct Board (CBoard).
  • The right to be assisted by an advisor
  • The right to present witness
  • The right to question opposing witnesses
  • The right to submit oral or written arguments
  • The right to appeal
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