Beginning spring 2018 a course titled “Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives” will be offered at URI.  The class is a 3-credit lecture course open to students that have taken Marine Biology (BIO360).  The course will be accompanied by a separate 1-credit intensive field course offered during two weeks in the summer and alternating between RI, Mexico and the Cayman Islands.  For sessions when the course is abroad there will be additional travel and accommodation costs.  

Directed Research

During the school year students can sign up for directed research (BIO 491 and 492) for between 1-3 credits.  Students taking BIO 491/492 credits have helped analyze data from acoustic tracking of lemon, tiger and Caribbean reef sharks in the US Virgin Islands, from tagging and population monitoring of southern stingrays in the Cayman Islands, from satellite tracking of mako, tiger and oceanic whitetip sharks tagged in Bermuda, The Bahamas, Mexico, The Cayman Islands, New Zealand, Africa and Australia, from tiger sharks captured in Hawaii fishing programs, from organ weights collected from mako and lemon sharks, and from reproductive studies on deep-sea sharks from New Zealand.    

Field Work

A number of students have assisted with field work on various shark research programs in the US Virgin Islands, Delaware Bay, and Bermuda as well offshore waters of southern New England during summer months.  Additional opportunities for undergraduates to assist with fieldwork in the form of fishing surveys for local sharks in Rhode Island waters during the summer can be arranged depending on availability. 


Undergraduate shark research at URI has been supported by a number of internship programs, including:

Undergraduates Supervised in Directed Research and Summer Research (since 2010):

2017-   Jessica Der, Connor Ward, Hannah Yi, Carly DeLiberty, Evan Ernst, Kirsten Fagan, Tiare Fridrich, Matt Gibbs, Karla Haiat, Jennifer Lander, Patrick Lyons, Haleigh McKone, Darby Pochtar, Lauren Richards

2016 – Nick Celico, Carly DeLiberty, Evan Ernst, Kyle Fountain, Jennifer Lander, Patrick Lyons, Liheng MA, Darby Pochtar, Lauren Richards, Steven Vaccaro, Long Gong, Lauren Potek, Amanda Willis, Colby Wolf

2015 – Kevin Anderson, Nick Letarte, Dylan Barrett, Julie Haesche, Johann Becker, Dylan Bedthora, Kirsten Fagan, Kat Kleinhans, Kelsey Law, Nick Letarte, Chloe Salmone, Katie Viducic

2014 – Rebecca Griffin, Teegan Innis, Nick Letarte, Rachel Revolinski, Katie Vidicic, Adriana Ferreira, Kristin Horn, Jonas Miller, James Underhill

2013 – Erin Bilbo, Matthew Bonner, Andrew Marino, Bryanne Styles, Katie Vidicic, Crysania Brady, Analisa Caruso, Andrew Casal, Carly Crane, Alexander Liakos, Charles Markos, Colleen Murray, Hashem Shehadeh, Kiralee Knotts

2012 – Andrew Casal, Carly Crane, Charles Markos, Nick Blenis, Keith Bruni, Isaiah Canlas, Eilea Knotts, Sarah Merolla,

2011 – Dennis Conetta, Jaime Jonach, Patrick McGovern, Same Seeland, Jessica Bonamusa, Michael Cohen, Russell Dauksis, Jacob Harris, Michael Justa

2010 – Jessica Bonamusa, Jacob Harris, Michael Justa, Emily Frederick, Jessica Bonamusa, Russell Dauksis, Charles Markos