Calculate Your GPA

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) indicates your academic status, and is readily available on your unofficial transcript, which you can access in e-Campus. To calculate your quality point average, divide the total number of quality points earned by the total number of credits completed. Alternatively, you can utilize the calculators provided below:

GPA Calculator

This will calculate your GPA based on a letter grade and the number of credits per course:

GPA Predictor

This will calculate the grades you need to get based on your desired GPA and your current academic standing.


Quality Points

The grade you receive in each course represents a certain number of quality points according to the chart below.

A=4.0B+ = 3.3C+ = 2.3D+ = 1.3F = 0.0
A-=3.7B = 3.0C = 2.0D = 1.0
B- = 2.7C- = 1.7

The total quality points earned for a course are computed through multiplying the number of credits for the course by the quality point value of the grade received (ex. An A- in a 3-credit course earns 3×3.7=11.1 points.)

Students who may be subject to dismissal will be concerned about whether or not their quality point deficit may land them on a dismissal list. You would be subject to dismissal regardless of how many semesters you have been on probation if your point deficit is at 8.0 or more points and you were on probationary status in the previous semester. To figure out your point “deficit” you should have your e-Campus account as reference. Pull up the “grades” screen to find the values you need to use this handy calculator: