Readmission Application Deadlines

  • August 15th for Fall Semester
  • December 31st for Spring Semester

To Apply for Readmission

  1. Obtain an Undergraduate Application for Readmission from Enrollment Services
  2. Students who have earned more than 24 credits at the time of their readmission, and have completed requirements for entry into their degree-granting college, should consult directly with the college for specific rules regarding readmission (Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, College of Environment & Life Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy).
  3. If applying for readmission through UCAS, send a completed and signed readmission form, a written statement of your activities since your last semester of matriculation, and an official transcript/ proof of grades earned to: Records Office, University College for Academic Success, 90 Lower College Road, Suite 12, Kingston, RI 02881.
    • To be readmitted after being dismissed from University College for Academic Success (UCAS), you must complete a minimum of two three-credit courses post-dismissal, and earn a C+ in each of these courses, or an overall grade point average of 2.5 in all courses taken since dismissal. Students who complete courses at another institution must send an official transcript to the address above.
  4. For a readmission application to be finalized and ready for review, it must contain a readmission form, a personal statement (and proof of grades earned since dismissal if applicable). Readmission applications not received by the deadline and/or submitted as an incomplete packet will be considered for the following semester.
  5. Dismissed students wishing to take classes at URI must have permission from the dean to register as a non-matriculating student.
  6. The Scholastic Standing Committee determines whether you are placed on probation or on conditional status upon readmission.
    • If the situation warrants conditional readmission, the following criteria must be followed to be restored to good academic standing. Failure to do so results in immediate dismissal with no possible appeal. If a student attends full-time, s/he must take a minimum of 12 credits for the two consecutive semesters following readmission and earn a minimum QPA of 2.0 in each semester. Students who attend part-time must earn a minimum of a 2.0 QPA for each semester until they have completed at least 24 credits. I’s, NR’s, or NW’s must be converted to grades before a student is considered to have completed the semester satisfactorily.
    • Students who successfully complete 24 credits on conditional status will have their QPA recalculated, eliminating from the calculation all D and F grades earned prior to their return on conditional status, and designating pass grades for all courses in which a C- or better was earned. Students must repeat any required courses in which the original grades were a D+ or lower. The student’s permanent record is not altered in any way — only the method by which the cumulative QPA is calculated. Students on Conditional Status then have an opportunity to earn the 2.0 necessary for graduation. A disadvantage is that required courses in which a D was earned must be repeated for credit.