Assessment Innovation Mini-Grants

Competitive funding is available to support faculty efforts to advance assessment innovation within a program/department (up to $1,000 per proposal). Funds can be used for professional development, summer re-contracting, as matching funds, and/or for hourly graduate student support. Faculty are encouraged to consider planning for the infusion of equitable teaching, learning and assessment practices throughout the curriculum to impact all students.

2023/2024 Assessment Innovation Mini-Grants: Program Assessment using Brightspace: Investigating Options

This mini-grant program, sponsored by ATL Assessment Office in collaboration with the ITS Teaching and Learning Services, and co-facilitated by Professor Jenny Jones (English), successfully recruited seven academic programs (nine faculty participants) to join a year-long pilot investigation of the URI learning management system, Brightspace, for program assessment.

  • Program flyer here; program description here.
  • Program and faculty participants:

– Mary Greaney and Natalie Sabik (Health Studies, CHS)
– Justin Richard (Animal and Veterinary Science, CELS)
– Rachel Walshe (Theater, A&S)

– Gerald Jalette and Matthew Hodler (Communication Studies; Sports Media, A&S)
– Bethany Milner and Mikyong Kim (Communicative Disorders, CHS)

2023 Assessment Innovation Mini-Grant Recipients

  • Virginia Killian Lund, Peter Adamy, Sandy Hicks, Cathy Semnoski, Sara Sweetman, Elementary Education and the College of Education: Integrating a Reflective Portfolio Assessment Tool in Elementary Education Teacher Preparation
  • Amanda Missimer, Ingrid Lofgren, Department of Nutrition: The Discovery of Micronutrients: An Untold, Unethical History of Human Research
  • Joesph Nardolillo, Britny Brown, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Research: Assessment of Pharmacy Curricular Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-related Topics and Care for Marginalized Communities

For inspiration from past mini-grant recipients or questions about submitting a proposal, please email: