Data Management

All URI graduate programs can participate in this program to simplify the program assessment data collection, data management, and analysis steps in the program improvement process. This program can help to systemize your program’s collection and organization of scores on graduate student work.

To participate, your program will:

  • Identify a common assignment (e.g., comprehensive exam, dissertation, capstone project or performance)
  • Agree on a scoring tool (typically a rubric) that fits with the type of student work you are collecting and analyzing for all faculty to score consistently. The Assessment team can provide you with examples
  • Collect scores using Qualtrics (set up and managed by the Assessment team).
    • Designated program faculty will have access to the Qualtrics scoring tool. When your program requests a data extract, the our team will download and format the scores so that you can easily compare student learning across each of your scoring guide criteria. All student scores downloaded to our computers will be destroyed after we have processed your request. No one outside your program will have access to your program data unless you choose to share it with them.

INTERESTED? Find out how data management can save you time: Data Management Interest Form

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