Defining Learning Outcomes

How to Get Started

Work with a partner or two through the process to gather different perspectives and challenge assumptions. Reach out to Outcomes Assessment staff with questions (

  1. Ask: What are the most important things a student should know, be able to do or demonstrate after completing my program/course/learning?
  2. Draft: Identify 3-7 core domains to focus on. Write each them as SLO statements action verbs and measurable evidence.
  3. Edit and review: Consider the following questions:
    • Can it be observed?
    • Can it be measured?
    • Is learning being demonstrated? (rather than satisfaction, process, personal goal or attitude)
  4. Publish: For program-level outcomes, post the program outcomes to the department website and provide Outcomes Assessment (e-mail to with a link. For course-level outcomes, include on your syllabus and/or Brightspace site. The relationship between course and programmatic outcomes are described in a curriculum map.

Resources from Colleagues