Summer 2023 Employees

Emma Tondre (B.S. 2023)

Emma is a recent URI graduate in Wildlife & Conservation Biology. She is a research assistant, working on current projects investigating bee preference toward clover species and the efficacy of planted pollinator meadows. Emma has a strong interest in the fields of entomology, botany, and ornithology. In her free time, she is an avid birder, baker, and always finds time to enjoy a good book.


Katherine Zmich (Undergraduate student)

Kate Zmich is going into her sophomore year at URI, working in Dr. Steven Alm’s Bee Lab through the Coastal and Environmental Fellowship Program for the summer of 2023. She assists with a variety of research projects, including Julia Vieira’s clover project, water-collecting behavior of honey bees, and varroa mite management. Her favorite part of working in the lab is catching and holding male bumble bees. Outside of work, Kate enjoys going to the beach, thrifting, and gardening for family and friends.


Kate Perzanowski (Undergraduate student)

Kate Perzanowski is working in Dr. Alm’s bee lab for the summer of 2023 through URI’s Coastal and Environmental Fellowship Program. She is assisting with various research projects including clover and self-heal preferences of native bees, as well as varroa mite treatments in honey bee hives. Kate most enjoys conducting floral surveys in the clover plots, and in particular likes finding foraging Megachilid bees. In her free time, Kate likes to crochet, read, and look for bugs.