Virtual End-of-Year Celebration, 2020

The CCJ Faculty, Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society Members, and Top Seniors toast the students’ accomplishments. Congratulations!Graduating Seniors share their photos!Shannon Racz, President of Alpha Phi Sigma, BA in CCJ & PsychologyJustine Gomes, Treasurer of Alpha Phi Sigma, BA in CCJ & PsychologyJulianne Fonseca, BA in CCJJulia Sharma-Mathias, BA in CCJ, Honors Program

Alpha Phi Sigma Induction Ceremony, 2019

Front Row: Cate Doyon, Daria Cerce, and Allegra Angell

Second Row: Allison Tobar-Santamaria, Ashley Fontana, Justine Gomes, Shannon Racz, and Hannah Ilagan

Third Row: Stephanie Therrien, Samantha Rapping, Emma Barber, Danielle Taylor, Alise Greco, Kaela Schumann, Kayla Holloran, Dan Bashaw, Taylor Payton, Chris Spittler, Patrick Gendreau, and Tom Mowry

Executive Board: Allison Tobar-Santamaria, Justine Gomes, Allegra Angell, Shannon Racz, Hannah Ilagan, and Daria Cerce

Front Row: Allegra Angell, Daria Cerce, Allison Tobar-Santamaria, Hannah Ilagan, and Justine Gomes

Back Row: Dr. Jill Doerner, Shannon Racz, Dr. Natalie Pifer, and Dr. Megan Parry