A Ticket System for IT, Web, and Building Maintenance Requests

The Helpdesk system used by CELS makes it very easy to request help and keep up to date on what is being done to address the request. You can use this system to request help with computers, printers, CELS website and communications, and building maintenance.

Getting to the website


The CELS Helpdesk is accessed via your web browser by visiting https://web.uri.edu/cels/helpdesk/

At the home page you will have the option to create a support ticket, activate an account, check the status of a submitted ticket, or browse through the Frequently Asked Questions.

Use the button below to request a new account. 

Request a CELS Helpdesk Account

The Activation Email

The email with the subject line, “CELS IT Support user activation” will contain an invitation to activate an account on the CELS Helpdesk system. An account will allow you to check the status of a request, make changes, and participate in user forums. Activation is simple, and only requires that you create a password. To activate, open the email and click the link.



The link will open a web page where you can create a password. This is a new password, so you don’t need to use any of your existing email, eCampus or other passwords.


After entering your name and creating a password, click on “Activate and Login”. This will return you to the main helpdesk page where you’ll see a confirmation that your account has been activated. You can now create new requests and check the status of existing ones.

Creating a Support Ticket

To initiate a help request you will need to create a support ticket. This is done by clicking on “New Support Ticket” near the upper right corner of the website.


You will now be taken to a page where you can enter your information and details about your request.


To begin, you’ll be asked to provide some basic contact information, as well as describing the problem or request.

To help direct your request to appropriate support group (IT, Web, Building), please select the category under “Type of Support Required” that most closely matches your request.  If none of the categories apply, select “Other/I’m not sure” and we will review your request and direct it to the appropriate group.


The subject is a brief summary of the request.

In the box labeled “How can we help you?” please enter details about your request.

For Computer problems this might include a brief description of the issue, copies of error messages, or steps you may have already taken to try to resolve the problem.

For web page updates this might include a copy of the page link to which you are requesting updates, and an attachment with the updated content.

For a building maintenance request this might include a description and location of the problem.

Emergency building requests should be made by phone to 874-9708.

Checking the Status of a Request

Once your support ticket has been created, you will receive a confirmation via email. If this is the first time you’ve used the CELS Helpdesk system, you may receive two emails.



By logging on at cels.freshdesk.com, you can click on a ticket to see the status or to make changes.


The Confirmation Email

The email with the subject “Ticket #XXX Created…” is your confirmation that your request has been received. Inside the email is a link to view the ticket. You can check on the status, leave a note, or make changes as needed. If you have not yet activated an account, you should follow the instructions on the previous page before clicking the link in this email.


Ticket Details

Once you have clicked on a ticket in your ticket list or in a confirmation email, you will open a page on your browser where you can check the status of your request, leave a note, or make changes as needed.


You will also see any notes and updates that have been added by CELS support staff.

In the main window you will see a place to type in your own comments or updates. The staff member assigned to your request will be notified of anything you add here, and will be able to respond.

On the right side of the screen you can change some basic information about your request.

After making any changes in either area, press the “Update” button to save the changes and notify the support staff.