Collaborative Cognitive Neuroscience Lab


The Collaborative Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (CCNL) at the University of Rhode Island is comprised of researchers within the College of Health Sciences, including Kinesiology and Communication Disorders. The group is committed to working with scientists within CHS as well as other disciplines and partnered institutions to investigate neural mechanisms associated with cognitive health across the lifespan.

By using a multidisciplinary approach to tackle complex problems, our laboratory attempts to answer questions which require insight from several disciplines studying human behavior and the brain. The laboratory’s goal is to foster collaborations among researchers using neuroscience to inform our basic understanding of the interaction between brain and behavior.

Our laboratory utilizes technologies such as eye-tracking and EEG to provide a window into the neural substrates associated with language and cognition.

The CCNL is dedicated to support teaching and mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students interested in cognitive neuroscience. We strive to be a research community which prepares students through innovative training to excel in future clinical and academic healthcare careers.

Our laboratory is funded through the College of Health Sciences as independent grants awarded to our scientists.