Congratulations to our community and a warning to those who jeopardize the health of others

This message is sent on behalf of Kathy Collins, vice president for Student Affairs.

Congratulations to our Rhody RamFam! We have completed our 6th week of classes, and there are 41 days until Thanksgiving. The majority of our students are doing everything they can to keep each other healthy and support in-person learning until Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, a minority of our students are jeopardizing URI’s ability to complete the semester as planned.

In order to make it to Thanksgiving, we must ALL work together. I ask that you continue to wear face coverings. Wear masks everywhere when you are on and off campus, in a vehicle with other people, and especially when you are socializing with your “pod” that you don’t live with. Be the leader we know you are and lead others. We know the difference face coverings can make for all of us in stopping the spread of the virus.

In addition to wearing a mask, you must maintain your “pod” and keep your social gatherings to under 15. Please do not visit multiple small gatherings on or off campus that exceed the stable pod size of 15 people you visit in total. Additionally, we’ve all seen the videos circulating of inappropriate on-campus gatherings outside of residence halls. These actions are jeopardizing URI’s ability to continue in-person and undermining URI’s reputation as an exemplary institution that cares about our communities and our residents’ health and safety.

There are consequences for not following the URI Student Handbook. This semester, students who have violated our handbook have been suspended from the University. A suspension could change your life; it goes on your transcript. Follow the handbook and don’t get suspended.

URI conduct summary for the weeks of September 29 – October 4, 2020:

  • 73 cases were referred to conduct
  • 14 of the 73 cases were for COVID-19 health and wellness related matters
  • 2 students were placed on emergency suspension
  • 3 students were placed on probation

Remember that our handbook is in effect both on and off campus. So you are aware, this semester, students have been suspended for not following health and safety guidelines. Many more students have been placed on probation.

URI is taking this very seriously, and your actions and behaviors matter. I want you to know that you will be held accountable.

Know that we want to be the school that makes it – because we are all working together. We need you to do your part! Once again – you are required to wear a mask, follow the social gathering group sizes, and follow our community expectations. Go Rhody!