URI Faculty Senate temporarily expands second grade option in recognition of student concerns

This message is sent on behalf of Provost Donald H. DeHayes.

Based on action taken by the URI Faculty Senate on Nov. 25, the University will temporarily expand access to the second grade option to all students for fall semester 2020 and spring semester 2021. During the special meeting last week, the URI Faculty Senate approved the change to make this option available for all students.

This expanded access to the second grade option will allow all undergraduate and graduate students to retake a fall 2020 or spring 2021 course in which they earned a C- or lower during the following two semesters and to replace their original grade with the second grade. Students can also exercise the second grade option by retaking courses in J-term and summer session if the courses are available. Students who wish to take advantage of the second grade option must complete the appropriate form and obtain approval from their academic deans prior to the midterm of the semester in which the course is repeated. The second grade option may only be used once per course.

The option provides any student who has struggled academically this semester with some grade relief and an opportunity to not only replace a poor grade with a better grade, but also to ensure that they have achieved the critical learning outcomes in their courses so that they can progress to more advanced coursework.

Students who have questions should contact their academic advisor.