Reminder: Mandatory COVID-19 testing for students Jan. 20-22

All students residing in Rhode Island for the spring semester are required to participate in COVID-19 testing. This means that upon returning to campus, off-campus housing, or if you are living at home within the state, you must get tested unless you have an approved exemption. Apply for a testing exemption.

For on-campus students, including those in Greek housing and IEP House/TI

Please visit the testing center located in the Memorial Union Atrium prior to moving into your residence hall/Greek house. Once you have completed your move-in testing you will be allowed access to your residence hall. If you arrive after the testing center has closed, you will be expected to test the next day the center opens. View the updated testing schedule.

For off-campus students

Please visit the testing center located at Keaney Gymnasium between Jan. 18 and 22 prior to returning to your off-campus housing. Off-campus students should park in Lot 27, Boss Arena lot, and walk to Keaney for testing. Once they complete testing, they should move their cars from Lot 27 to authorized lots on campus. View the updated testing schedule.

Move-In Week Testing Schedule:

Test results will be emailed to you from CareEvolve within 48 hours. Students should not participate in surveillance testing if they have any symptoms. They should contact Health Services at 401.874.2246 for symptomatic testing at Health Services.

All students moving onto campus or returning to their off-campus housing should adhere to the 10-day travel quarantine and follow all the health and safety guidelines. URI Health Services wishes you safe travels and a successful spring semester.