Welcome to Dr. Giri’s research group. Ash Giri is an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at URI. The group specializes in understanding heat transfer at the nano/macro scale through experiments and simulations.

Faster working speeds and rapid miniaturization in optoelectronic devices has unveiled a plethora of challenges in their thermal mitigation and heat dissipation. The heat generated from the various energy carrier interactions during device operation are becoming more complex and it is increasingly becoming more important to control and tune thermal properties at the submicron length scale and femto-to-picosecond time scales.

The central goal of our research is to study the fundamental nature of energy carrier excitation and relaxation mechanisms in various material systems, with an overarching aim to control and utilize the generated heat to meet the current demand for sustainable energy, and mitigation of thermal issues in technologically relevant optoelectronic devices.