Johnson Ma

Johnson Ma is a graphic designer in the Publications and Creative Services office at the University of Rhode Island. He works closely with the assistant director and collaborates with editors, photographers, and clients on concept development.

His main focus at the University is supporting the Admission recruitment team, with a primary goal to attract new students and help increase the University’s enrollment. Johnson’s passion is guided by a strong belief in human-centered design as a problem-solving tool and using his creativity to help improve emotional connections between people and the university they attend.

Among his achievements, Johnson helped redesign the Viewbook and most of the University’s recruitment materials, giving them a refreshed look and presentation.

He creates visual concepts, design formats, and planning and technical production of all levels of publications produced for the University, including recruitment, alumni, fundraising, and promotional publications. He also converts print publications for use on the web and uses his aesthetic knowledge of visual design for communications to coordinate elements of text, typography, page layout, color, photography, and graphics into a complete visual presentation.

Johnson earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Rhode Island College.