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The words ‘scholarship’ and ‘fellowship’ are sometimes used interchangeably, and the differences are subtle. Scholarships are usually intended to cover tuition and other direct educational costs. Funding from a fellowship might offer a cost of living stipend, an internship, a research experience, a study abroad program, or other experiential opportunity. Many fellowships fully fund post-graduate education, including cost-of-living stipends. They are based upon academic merit and future potential, and rarely consider financial need. A number of federally sponsored programs also come with special hiring eligibility for federal positions after graduation. The most prestigious fellowships also provide recipients with lifelong membership in a network of like-minded scholars.

Understand the process

Some of the most prestigious scholarships and fellowships require URI nomination or endorsement and students must submit a preliminary application to be considered for URI nomination. For many other national fellowships and academic opportunities, students may apply directly to the scholarship organization, but we can provide guidance and feedback if you consult with us far enough in advance.

Getting Started

Attend an info session

The Office of National Fellowships and Academic Opportunities offers many information sessions throughout the year. Some provide an overview of scholarship opportunities. Some take you through the application process of specific scholarships.

You can also find excellent tutorials and webinars on most fellowships websites.

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Opportunities range from well-known highly selective fellowship opportunities open to all fields, to very specific regional academic or service opportunities for a certain subset of students or recent graduates.

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