Christopher Russoniello


  • Groundwater resiliency in a changing climate
  • Coastal hydrogeology: submarine groundwater discharge and associated chemical fluxes
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction: benthic and hyporheic exchange processes
  • Aquifer salinization through saltwater intrusion and overtopping
  • Groundwater flow and reactive transport modeling
  • Arctic hydrology: esp. within Arctic deltas and exploring role of thermokarst on flow
  • Spatio-temporal variability of acid mine drainage and innovative remediation methods
  • Upscaling process-scale measurements toward regional- and global-scale implications


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Associate 2017-2019
Advisor: Dr. Laura K. Lautz

University of Delaware, Newark, DE
Ph.D. Geology 2012-2017
Advisor: Dr. Holly A. Michael

University of Delaware, Newark, DE
M.S. Geology 2009-2012
Advisor: Dr. Holly A. Michael

Colby College, Waterville, ME
B.A. Geology 2002-2006
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer D. Shosa

Selected Publications

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