Solid Earth

Faculty: B. Savage and D. Cardace

URI Collborative Faculty
S. Carey, K. Kelley, R. Pocknaly, C. Kincaid, Y. Shen

Plate Tectonics Processes


Processes responsible for determining the shape of the Earth, constellation of the Continents, and large natural disasters (Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, and Tsunami) are controlled by Plate Tectonics and the internal structure of the Earth. We strive to read and understand the Rock record using Geochemistry and Geophysics along side Geobiology to gain further understanding of the large and small scale plate processes. Our research interest vary from the understanding and importance of serpentine minerals to the formation and hardening of continents and the lithosphere.

Graduate Research

We are always looking for talented students for our graduate program. If you are interested in applying or want more information about our Graduate Program please do not hesitate to contact Brian Savage.

Research Areas

– Volcanology
– Seismology
– Geochemistry
– Fluid Dynamics
– Petrology
– Geophysics
– Mantle Convection