Appendix A. Academics, Grades, Boards, Graduate Council, and Appeals

A.10 Academic Standards and Integrity
A.11 Waiver of Requirements
A.12 Grades
A.13 Plagiarism
A.20 Boards and Officers
A.21 Graduate Council
A.22 Dean of The Graduate School
A.23 University Ombudsman
A.24 The University Judicial System
A.25 Committee on Academic Standards and Appeals
A.26 The Graduate Student Academic Appeals Board

Appendix B. Eligibility to Participate in the Graduate School Commencement

Appendix C. Policies for the Release and Disclosure of Information from Student Records

Appendix D. Institutional Review Board Policy and Procedures Concerning the Protection of Human Subjects

Appendix E. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Appendix F. Intellectual Property

Appendix G. Scientific Misconduct in Research and Scholarship

Appendix H. Graduate School Governance

Appendix I. Graduate Faculty Status

Appendix J. Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate Programs

Appendix K. Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (ABM)