The Fall 2014 Edition of the Graduate School Manual was designed to clarify existing policies, introduce new policies approved by the Graduate Council after the publication of the Fall 2011 Edition of the Manual, and interject elements of guidance, all with the intent of improving graduate education at the University of Rhode Island. Specific deadlines for the submission of important milestone documents are available on the Graduate School website. Although advice and counsel regarding progress through a graduate degree program should always be sought from a student’s major advisor, Graduate Program Director, research committee, or the Graduate School, each student is ultimately responsible for knowing and following the policies in this Graduate School Manual.

Sections of the Fall 2014 Edition of the Graduate School Manual that contain significant changes from previous editions include, but are not limited to, the following sections –

4.71 Registration for Off-campus Study

7.43 Program of Study (Master’s Degree)

7.44.15 Establishment of a Master’s Program Committee

7.44.5 Oral Defense of a Master’s Thesis

7.52 Program of Study (Doctoral Degree)

7.53 Establishment of a Doctoral Program Committee Oral Comprehensive Examination (Doctoral)

7.58.1 Oral Defense of a Dissertation

8.32 Major Professor (Required Status)

8.42.3 Master’s Thesis Defense Committee

8.43.4 Dissertation Defense Committee

11.22 Authorization to Schedule a Defense

11.23 Permission to Defend a Thesis/Dissertation

11.25 Permission to Defend a Thesis/Dissertation (electronic defense copies)

11.28 Approval of a Thesis or Dissertation

Appendix I Graduate Faculty Status (new appendix)

Appendix J Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate Programs (new appendix)