EDC 598: Advanced Study in Multilingual Learner Education for Administrators

January-May (12 weeks)
Location: Hybrid-Asynchronous Online and via Zoom on Tues. 5:30-8:30 p.m.


Course Descriptions

This course includes advanced studies on issues related to education for Multilingual Learners (MLLs).

Participants will learn about language assistance programs, how to staff such programs, instructional methods and approaches for MLLs, the importance of multilingualism and equitable assessment practices for MLLs, how to evaluate curriculum choices and become an agent of change to improve education for MLLs in their district and/or school. (Online) Pre: Currently hold a school-based leadership certification (e.g. administrator, superintendent); permission of instructor.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of participating in this course, administrators will

  1. Analyze the purpose, selection, and implementation of language assistance programs in their school and district when compared with research-based practices.
  2. Identify and describe best instructional practices for MLLs with regard to methods, approaches, and curriculum choices.
  3.  Examine and critique the equity, effectiveness, and use of content and language assessment policies, practices, and accommodations for MLLs.
  4. Evaluate current practices in how MLL subgroups (i.e. SLIFE, dually identified ELs, newcomers, etc.) are supported in their school or district.
  5. Demonstrate a deep understanding of school and district practices that impact MLLs and their families to serve as an Educational Leader who is an agent of change.

For more information about the content of the course, please contact
Amy Correia at correia@uri.edu

For more information about registration and payment for the course, please contact
Christine Dolan at christine@uri.edu