Grant Writing

One of the activities by which nonprofit organizations raise funds is grant writing, which involves creating a written request to receive grant funding from a philanthropic organization. The benefits of learning a grant writing skill is to increase or add to your competencies as an employee or volunteer for nonprofit organizations, religious entities and educational institutions to help a cause of your choice to secure funding for its programs and initiatives.

Our one-day grant writing workshops meet from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and are designed to provide you with core competencies in research and planning, persuasive writing, organization and the all-important follow-up.

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Due to the current COVID pandemic, our Grant Writing sessions are now being held virtually as opposed to our normal one-day in person workshop sessions. We will resume in person sessions once the pandemic has subsided.

Current Grant Writing Sessions

Grant Writing I: The Basics

Learn how to search for data and resources, formulate objectives, plan content, write, package (scope, critical elements, specifications, budgets), create an effective summary and statement of need, submit a proposal, and follow up. Grant Writing I will be completed in two sessions of three hours per session on two separate days with a total of six hours of training.

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Grant Writing II: Writing the Grant


If you have not previously written a grant, we strongly recommend that you take our Grant Writing I workshop first to get the basics. During Workshop II, the instructor will provide direction and feedback as you write your own comprehensive grant. Required: you must be ready to write! Come in with a specific project or idea, including what you want to do with the grant money, and what resources you will need to do it. This session will be offered for one day with flexible participant drop in.


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