Neuro Collaborative Lab

Neuro Collaborative Lab

NC-Lab Vision:

We improve the lives of those living with neurologic and neurodegenerative disease by investigating and advancing critical intervention strategies and cultivating research and community partnerships.

NC-Lab Values:

A collaborative environment bridging research to clinic and community
Community engagement
Training the next generation of health care clinicians thru exposure to research and evidence-based practice
Innovative and outside the box solution-oriented thinking and problem solving

NC-Lab Mission:

Pursue improved understanding of neural substrates (ex. blood neurotrophic factors) underlying neuroplasticity in neurologic and neurodegenerative disease in response to exercise and physical activity
Assess exercise and physical therapy treatment interventions for these populations to provide evidence-based support and/or recommendations regarding effectiveness, feasibility, and validity.
Assess and improve the dissemination of clinical practice guidelines/evidence-based practice to clinicians, students, and others in the academic and community settings
Assess feasibility and impact of community-based programs on health literacy, functional outcomes in people living with Parkinson’s, and what it means to live well with Parkinson’s and develop programs in response to meet those needs


Dr. Christine Clarkin is the Principal of the Neuro Collaborative Lab at the URI. The NC-Lab is located in Independence Square on the Kingston campus within the Physical Therapy Department Room 128.

Dr. Clarkin is considering applications for the 2023/24 academic year. Undergraduate and graduate students (neuroscience, engineering, kinesiology, health science majors), Research Assistants (RA) are welcome! To apply, send a resume and brief letter of interest to