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 PHY 109: Introduction to Physics

 Course Information

Please note that exact details of the course can vary

Instructor :   Dr. Anuradha Weerakkody  , Dr Richard McCorkle 

Please check eCampus to find out which instructor is in charge for the current semester before contacting anyone above

Semester: Fall/Spring
Credits: 4 (lecture 3, lab 1)
Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in PHY110 (the lab for PHY109)

Course Description

Course Outline: The course is a general introduction to principles of Physics with an emphasis on appreciation of the environment. PHY 110 is the laboratory component of the PHY109 and is required for all students enrolled in PHY109. The course presents a general introduction to science, the essential elements of motion , the nature of gravity , momentum , rotational  motion and energy.

Text: Conceptual Physics 12 th Edition by Paul G Hewitt

This course meets 3 times per week for lecture, once per week for lab (two hours). Separate enrollment in each is required.
Topics covered in this course include:

  • Kinematics
  • Newton’s laws
  • Work and energy
  • Energy conservation
  • Momentum and momentum conservation
  • Rotational kinematics and dynamics
  • Gravity
  • Fluids and thermal physics

 Work for Credit:

Examinations: There will be several quizzes and a final exam. Quizzes and exams are closed book. Calculators will be permitted. The dates and times for the quizzes and exams will be announced in the class.

No make-up exams will be offered.

The homework problems will be administered through a web based system(Pearson or WebAssingn)

PHY110 Lab Guide

Lab Manual:  Written material will be provided in the lab as needed.

Content:  Phy110 consists of 10(May subject to change) experiments.  All experiments are to be recorded in a permanently bound notebook. A National Brand, Computation Notebook, Model No;43-648 is recommended. These are usually available at the URI bookstore  You will not get credit for labs that are not recorded in a permanently bound notebook.  Your name should appear on the cover of the notebook and on the first page of every lab report.

Lab Reports:  Lab reports must be finished during the lab period.  Do not take your notebook from the lab.  If you cannot finish the lab report during the lab period you will be graded on what you were able to finish.  If you copy the work of your lab partner in any way you may get a zero for that lab.  Each lab report will contain several  sections.  Each section must be labeled and completed.


 Missed Labs: In the event that you miss a lab because of an emergency, and provide documentation. A means to make up ONE missed lab will be provided towards the end of the semester. There will be only ONE makeup lab.


LEC: (3 crs.) Appreciation of the physical environment and an introduction to the principles and theories of contemporary physics. Recommended for elementary education majors. (Lec. 3) Pre: concurrent enrollment in PHY 110. Not open to students with credit in PHY 111 or PHY 112 or PHY 203 or PHY 204 or PHY 205. (N)

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