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Edward Walsh

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Phone: 401.863.6525
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Sidney E. Frank Hall
    185 Meeting Street
    Providence, RI 02912


2012 – Present: Research Service, Veterans Administration Medical Center,Providence, RI
2008 – Present : Assistant Professor (Research),Brown University Department of Neuroscience
2007 – Present : Associate Director for MRI Physics,Brown University Magnetic Resonance Facility,Brain Science Program
2005 – 2008 : Investigator,Brown University Department of Neuroscience
2003 – 2005 : Associate Scientist, Center for the Development of Functional Imaging, Department of Vision Sciences, UAB School of Optometry
2001 –  2005 : Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Nursing

2000 – 2005 : Research Assistant Professor,University of Alabama at Birmingham,School of Engineering,Department of Biomedical Engineering

1998 – 2000 : Adjunct Assistant Professor,University of Alabama at Birmingham,Department of Biomedical Engineering
1994 – 2000 : Assistant Professor,University of Alabama at Birmingham,Division of Cardiovascular Disease
1992 – 1994 : Postdoctoral Fellow,University of Alabama at Birmingham,Division of Cardiovascular Disease
1981 – 1985 : Research Engineer,Air Force Systems Command,Rome Laboratories,Reliability Physics Division


1992 : Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

1981 : B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Book Chapters:

  • Walsh, E.G., “Basic MR Physics: Considerations for Behavioral Medicine and Neurophysiology”, for “Brain Imaging in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience”. R.A. Cohen, L.H. Sweet (Editors), Springer, 2011, p.11-36.
  • Walsh, E.G., “Cardiovascular MR Instrumentation”, for “Textbook of Cardiovascular MRI”, G.M. Pohost , K. Nayak (Editors), Informa Healthcare, 2007, p31-49.

Recent Journal Articles:

  • Biercevicz, A,M,, Akelman, M.R., Rubin, L.E.,  Walsh, E.G.,  Merck, D.,  Fleming, B.C.. The Uncertainty of Predicting Intact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Degeneration in Terms of  Structural Properties using T2* Relaxometry in a Human Cadaveric Model. Journal of Biomechanics 48: 1188-1192, 2015.
  • Biercevicz, A.M., Proffen, B.L. Murray, M.M., Walsh, E.G., Fleming, B.C., T2* Relaxometry and Volume Predict Semi-quantitative Histological Scoring of an ACL Bridge-enhanced Primary Repair in a porcine model. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 48: 1188-1192, 2015.
  • Rand, D., Walsh, E.G., Derdak, Z., Wands, J.R., Rose-Petruck, C., A Highly Sensitive X-Ray Imaging Modality for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Detection In Vitro, Physics in Medicine & Biology, 60:769-784, 2015.
  • Alosco, M.L., Gunstad, J., Xu, X., Clark, U.S., Labbe, D., Riskin-Jones, H., Terrero, G., Schwarz, N.F., Walsh, E.G., Poppas, A., Cohen, R.A., Sweet, L.H., The Impact of Hypertension on Cerebral Perfusion and Cortical Thickness in Older Adults. Journal of the American Society for Hypertension, 8(8):561-570, 2014.
  • Biercevicz, A.M., Walsh, E.G.,  Murray, M.M., Akelman, M., Fleming, B.C., Improving the Clinical Efficiency of T2* Mapping of Ligament Integrity, Journal of Biomechanics, 47(10):2522-2525, 2014.
  • Menon, R., Walsh, E.G., Twieg, D.B., Cantrell, C., Vakil, P., Jonathan, S., Batjer, H., Carroll, T., Snapshot MT Technique to Measure OEF using Rapid Frequency Mapping. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 34(7):1111-1116, 2014.
  • Alosco, M.L., Gunstad, J., Xu, X., Clark, U.S., Labbe, D., Riskin-Jones, H., Terrero, G., Schwarz, N.F., Walsh, E.G., Poppas, A., Cohen, R.A., Sweet, L.H., The Impact of Hypertension on Cerebral Perfusion and Cortical Thickness in Older Adults. Journal of the American Society for Hypertension, in press 2014.
  • Biercevicz, A.M., Walsh, E.G., Murray, M.M., Akelman, M., Fleming, B.C., T2* Mapping of the Intact Posterior Cruciate Ligament: Can We Improve Computational Time with Relaxometry Post-processing? Journal of Biomechanics, in press, 2014.
  • Alosco, M.L., Gunstad, J., Beard, C., Xu, X., Clark, U.S., Labbe, D., Jerskey, B.A., Ladino, M., Cote, D., Walsh, E.G., Poppas, A., Cohen, R.A., Sweet, L.H., The Synergistic Effects of
    Anxiety and Cerebral Hypoperfusion on Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Adults with Cerebrovascular Disease. In press, Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology, 2014.
  • Xu, X., Jerskey, B.A., Cote, D.M., Walsh, E.G., Hassenstab, J.J., Ladino, M.E., Clark, U.S., Labbe, D.R., Gunstad, J.J., Poppas, A., Cohen, R.A., Hoge, R.D., Sweet, L.H., Whole Brain Cerebral Perfusion Among Older Adults is Moderated by Strength Training and Gender. Neuroscience Letters 560:26-30, 2014.
  • Biercevicz, A.M., Murray M.M., Walsh, E.G., Miranda, D.L., Machan, J.T., Fleming, B.C., T2* MR Relaxometry and Ligament Volume are Associated with the Structural Properties of the Healing ACL. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 32(4):492-499, 2014.




U.S. Patents, Patents Pending:

Hurt, R.H., Walsh, E.G., Park, W.K.C., Mills, D.R., Graphene Nanosack-Based Medical Imaging Contrast Agent, 61/806,199, filed 28 March 2013.

Park, K.C., Mills, D.R., Walsh, E.G., Ferritin-Based Tumor Targeting Agent, and Imaging and Treatment Methods, 61/691,346, filed 21 August 2012.

Hesthaven, J.S., Walsh, E.G., Image Reconstruction From Incomplete Fourier Measurements and Prior Edge Information, 13/722,311, filed 20 December 2012.

Walsh, E.G., Venugopalan, R., Resonant Inductively Coupled NiTi Stent with Ablation Capability and MRI Imaging Compatibility. U.S. Patent 6,802,857 issued 12 October 2004.

Vaughn, M., Walsh, E.G, den Hollander, J.A., Large Volume Resonator for High Field MRI, U.S. Patent 6.590,393 issued 8 July 2003.

Walsh, E.G., Functional Skeletal Muscle Imaging, U.S. Patent 6,546,278 issued 8 April 2003.

Johnson, V.Y., Walsh, E.G., Newcomer, B.R., Umlauf, M.G., Vaginal MRI Imaging Probe with Force Transduction Capability. U.S. Patent 6,526,306 issued 25 February 2003.

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