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Michael Antosh

  • Associate Professor, Medical Physics Program Director
  • Room 210
  • Phone: 401.874.2048
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Physics Department
    East Hall ,Room 210 ,
    2 Lippitt Rd ,Kingston RI 02881



2022-Present: Associate Professor, Physics, University of Rhode Island

2019-Present: Medical Physics Program Director, University of Rhode Island

2015-2022: Assistant Professor, Physics, University of Rhode Island

2015-2020: Adjunct Assistant Professor/Visiting Scientist, Brown University

2013-2015  : Assistant Professor (Research), Brown University


  • Air quality measurements using light detection and ranging (lidar)
  • Development of a radiation dosimeter that is based on measurements of gene expression


2007                          B.S. in Physics, University of New Hampshire, Durham NH.

2009                          M.S. in Physics, Brown University, Providence RI.

2012                          Ph.D. in Physics, Brown University. Thesis title: Stress, Aging and Gene Expression in Drosophila melanogaster.

2012-2013                Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brown University.


  • Antosh, D. Wijesinghe, S. Shrestha, R. Lanou, Y.H. Huang, T. Hasselbacher, D. Fox, N. 
Neretti, S. Sun, N. Katenka, LN Cooper, O.A. Andreev and Y.K. Reshetnyak, “Enhancement of Radiation Effect on Cancer Cells by Gold-pHLIP”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 122(17):5372-5376.
  • Antosh, D. Fox, T. Hasselbacher, R. Lanou, N. Neretti and LN Cooper, “Drosophila melanogaster Show a Threshold Effect in Response to Radiation”. Dose-Response 12:551-581.
  • Antosh, D. Fox, L.N. Cooper and N. Neretti, “CORaL: Comparison of Ranked Lists For Analysis of Gene Expression Data,” Journal of Computational Biology, 40, vol. 20, pp. 433-443, 2013.
  • Antosh, D. Fox, S.L. Helfand, L.N. Cooper and N. Neretti, “New Comparative Genomics Approach Reveals a Conserved Health Span Signature Across Species,” Aging, vol. 3(6), pp. 576-583, 2011.
  • Antosh, R. Whitaker, A. Kroll, S. Hosier, C. Chang, J. Bauer, L. Cooper, N. Neretti and S.L. Helfand, “Comparative Transcriptional Pathway Bioinformatic Analysis of Dietary Restriction, Sir2, p53 and Resveratrol Life Span Extension in Drosophila,” Cell Cycle, vol. 10(6), pp. 904- 911, 2011.
  • Bauer, M. Antosh, C. Chang, C. Schorl, S. Kolli, N. Neretti and S.L. Helfand, “Comparative Transcriptional Profiling Identifies Takeout As A Gene That Regulates Life Span”, Aging, 2(5), pp. 298-310, 2010 (Co-first author).
  • H. Chamseddin, S.Q. Khan, M.L. Nguyen, M. Antosh, S.N. Morris, S. Kolli, N. Neretti, S.L. Helfand and J.H. Bauer. “Takeout-Dependent Longevity is Associated With Altered Juvenile Hormone Signaling,” Mechanisms of Aging and Development, vol. 133(11-12), pp. 637-646, 2012.

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