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Yana Reshetnyak

  • Professor, Medical Physics Program Director
  • Room 223
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2013-present:       Professor, Physics Department, University of Rhode Island.

2013-present:       Professor Adjunct, Department of Radiation Oncology, Rhode Island Hospital, Warren Alpert Brown Medical School.

2013-present:   Commissioner, RI Atomic Commission.

2009-2013:        Associate Professor, Physics Department, University of Rhode Island.

20042009:       Assistant Professor, Physics Department, University of Rhode Island.


Biological physics: membrane biophysics, protein fluorescence spectroscopy and structure, microscopy.

Medical physics and nanotechnology: drug delivery, whole-body fluorescence imaging, cancer nanotechnology.


1993:              M.S. in Molecular  Physics,  Diploma  with  distinction,  Physics  Department, St.- Petersburg State University, St.-Petersburg, Russia

2000:              Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics (Biological Physics), Institute of Theoretical & Experimental Biophysics Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Russia.   (“Relations between Fluorescence Parameters of Tryptophan Residues and the Structural and Physical Characteristics of Microenvironments of Indole Rings in Proteins”)

2000 – 2003:     Postdoctoral   Research    Associate;   Department of Molecular Biology and Immunology, Institute for Cancer Research, University of North Texas Health Science Centre.

2003 – 2004:     Postdoctoral   Research   Associate;   Laboratory   of   Prof. Donald Engelman, Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University.



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  • O.A. Andreev, D. M. Engelman, Y.K. Reshetnyak, (2014) Targeting diseased tissues by pHLIP insertion at low cell surface pH, Frontiers in Physiology and Membrane Biophysics, 5, article 97, 1-7.
  • Cruz-Monserrate, C. L. Roland, D. Deng, T. Arumugam, A. Moshnikova, O. A. Andreev, Y. K. Reshetnyak, C. D. Logsdon (2014) Targeting Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Acidic Microenvironment”, Scientific Reports, 4, 4410, 1-8.
  • Wijesinghe, M. C. Mallawa Arachchige, A. Lu, Y. K. Reshetnyak, O. A. Andreev (2013) Transfer of nano-pores into membrane of cancer cells induces intracellular acidification and apoptosis, Scientific Reports, Vol. 3: 3560, 1-7.
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  • Moshnikova A., Moshnikova V., Andreev O.A., Reshetnyak Y.K. (2013) Anti-proliferative effect of pHLIP-amanitin, Biochemistry, 52, 1171-1178.
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  • A. Sosunov, E. P. Anyukhovsky, A. A. Sosunov, A. Moshnikova, D. Wijesinghe, D. M. Engelman, Y. K. Reshetnyak, O. A. Andreev, pHLIP targets ischemic myocardim (2013) Proced. Natl. Acad. Sci U.S.A., 110 (1), 82-86.
  • A.G. Karabadzhak, D. Weerakkody, D. Wijesinghe, M.S. Thakur, D.M. Engelman, O.A. Andreev, V.S. Markin, Y.K. Reshetnyak  (2012) Modulation of the pHLIP Transmembrane Helix Insertion Pathway,  Biophys Journal,  102, 1846-1855.
  • Andreev O.A., A. G. Karabadzhak,  D. Weerakkody,  G. O. Andreev, D. M. Engelman, Y. K. Reshetnyak (2010) The pHLIP peptide inserts across a lipid bilayer as a helix, and exits by a different path, Proced. Natl. Acad. Sci U.S.A., 107 (9), 4081-4086.
  • Andreev O.A., Engelman  D. M., and Y.K.  Reshetnyak,  (2009) Targeting  acidic diseased tissue. New technology based on use of the   pH (Low) Insertion Peptide (pHLIP) Chemistry Today, 27, 10-13.
  • Reshetnyak  Y.K., O. Andreev, M. Segala,  V. Markin, D. Engelman  (2008) Energetics  of Peptide (pHLIP) binding to and folding across a lipid bilayer membrane , Proced. Natl. Acad. Sci U.S.A., 105 (40), 15340-15345.
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  • A. Andreev, A. D. Dupuy, M. Segala, S. Sandugu, D. A. Serra, C. O. Chichester, D. M. Engelman, Y. K. Reshetnyak (2007) Mechanism and Uses of a Peptide that Targets Tumors and other Acidic Tissue In vivo, Proced. Natl. Acad. Sci U.S.A. 104 (19) 7893-7898.
  • Reshetnyak  Y.K.,  Yu.  Koshevnik,   and E.A.  Burstein  (2001) Decomposition  of protein tryptophan fluorescence  spectra  into log-normal components:  III. Correlation  between fluorescence and microenvironment parameters of individual tryptophan residues, Biophys. J., 81 (3), 1735-1758.
  • Reshetnyak   Y.K.,   and  E.A.   Burstein   (2001) Decomposition   of  protein  tryptophan fluorescence spectra into log-normal components: II. The statistical proof of discreteness of tryptophan classes in proteins, Biophys. J., 81 (3), 1710-1734.
  • Burstein  E.A.,  S.M.  Abornev, and Y.K.  Reshetnyak  (2001) Decomposition  of protein tryptophan fluorescence  spectra  into  log-normal components:  I. Algorithm of decomposition, Biophys. J., 81 (3), 1699-1709.


2015: URI Excellence Award
2014: URI Outstanding Inventor
2013: URI Research Excellence Award
2013: URI Outstanding Inventor
2012: Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Research Award
2012: URI Outstanding Inventor
2011: Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Research Award
2010: URI Outstanding Inventor
2006: URI Outstanding Inventor
2004: NSF Advance Faculty Fellow
2002: Laureate of the Gregorio Weber International Competition
1998: Stefan Batory Foundation grant
1998: Soros PhD-student grant award # a98-1929
1997: Wood/Whelan Fellowship from the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1997: Soros PhD-student grant award # a97-1841

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