Where to Test

Have your water tested at a state-certified laboratory.

The steps to testing your well water:

1. Find a state-certified lab listed on the the Rhode Island Department of Health’s website.

2. Call the lab and tell them which tests you think you need. If you have never tested your water, consider testing for everything listed in the Well Testing Schedule.

3. TestKitThe lab will supply you with bottles and directions to collect water samples. If you are not sure what to do, call the lab or us for more help. Some labs will do the sampling for you, right at your home.

4. After you collect your water samples, take them back to the lab within 24 hours.

5. Watch for results in the mail within 2 weeks. Your lab results will point out anything over the safe limit.

6. If you have questions about your test results, call the lab or call Alyson McCann at 401-874-5398.

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