Pet Waste

Pet waste left on the ground can pollute water resources and make people sick. Rain and snow melt washes pet waste down storm drains and into waterways like rivers, bays, and beaches. Pet waste too close to a drinking water well can cause germs and bacteria to get into the well.

4 Simple Things You Can Do
Couple Walking Dog

1.  Keep a supply of bags handy
Carry a plastic bag with you on every walk.  There are even compact, refillable bag dispensers that you attach directly to your dog’s leash.

2.  Dispose of pet waste properly
Throw the plastic bag of pet waste in the trash – not down the storm drain.  Do not flush pet waste down your toilet.

3.  If your local park doesn’t provide courtesy bags and disposal boxes – ask them to install one.
Many local parks provide stations with bags and a trash disposal area for scooping the poop.  If not, ask your town to install one.

4.  Help others remember to scoop the poop
Don’t let your pet pollute, and encourage those around you to be responsible pet owners, too.

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Pick up after your pets

Learn more:
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If you have large animals, barnyard and manure management is critical, see our Livestock page.

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