Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Well

  1. Test the Water! – Spring is a great time to get your well water tested. As you’re dusting and scrubbing away inside the house find time to take a water sample for testing at a state certified lab. Incorporating the annual testing into your spring cleaning routine will make it easier for you to remember each year! For information on what to test for refer to our Tip Sheet: Are you a smart well owner?
  2. Plant low maintenance grass around the well. – Springtime flowers and other decorations are pretty not only to us but also to small animals and insects. Attracting animals to your well can also bring an unnecessary risk of bacteria or other contaminants getting in to your well water.  Low maintenance grass is best right around the wellhead. Check out this link for more recommendations.
  3. Visually inspect your well. – Take a few minutes to walk around your well. Make note of any significant changes in the area and think about potential impacts to your well water. Also, check the cap of the well head for any cracks that may have happened over the winter.
  4. Avoid mixing or using fertilizers and pesticides near the well. – Anything you apply to the ground around your wellhead can potentially reach the groundwater – the source of your drinking water.
  5. Join us at an Event!We will be hosting several workshops and attending farmer’s markets all summer long. Come out and learn about your well water! Check our calendar for specific dates and times.