Hazing As Defined in the Student Handbook

Hazing is prohibited. Hazing is any action taken or situation created (the willingness of an individual to participate notwithstanding) upon which initiation, admission into, or affiliation with an organization is directly or indirectly conditioned and which is likely to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities and situations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Paddling in any form
  • Extended deprivation of sleep or rest
  • Extended isolation
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Consumption of any substance
  • Physical and psychological shocks
  • Quests, treasure hunts,scavenger hunts, road trips, or any other such activities
  • Engaging in public stunts
  • Morally degrading or humiliating games and activities
  • Late work sessions which interfere with scholastic activities
  • Any physical activity which is likely to adversely affect the physical health or safety of the student or any other person