Lab Director and Students

  • Office Location: Mechanical Engineering
    260 Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering
    2 East Alumni Avenue
    University of Rhode Island
    Kingston, RI 02881


Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Emerita


Prof. Meyer has been a professor for the last 23 years, nearly 20 of them at URI, performing research and teaching. In June 2021 she retired from URI after being the Director of the Thermomechanics Laboratory where mechanics, fluids and tribology are just some of the research areas of interest. Prior to being in academia, Prof. Meyer worked in industry for 15 years, 12 of which were in the Nuclear industry.


  • PhD – Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
  • MS – Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
  • BS – Mechanical Engineering, University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT

Teaching Interests

MCE 550 Continuum Mechanics (Graduate)
MCE 552 Advanced Experimental Methods (Graduate)
MCE 454 Tribology (Senior-level Undergraduate and Graduate)
MCE 354 Fluid Mechanics (Junior-level Undergraduate)
MCE 263 Dynamics (Sophomore-level Undergraduate)


- Narendra Sharma, PhD, “Modeling and Experiments in Microchannels for the Separation and Detection of Bacteria Using Antibody-Coated Filter and Quantum Dots”.

- Chang Liu, PhD, “Micro-Fluidic Based Flow Streaming Numerical Simulations And Experiments”.

- David Ponte, MS, “Mechanics Framework of Pad Scratching In Chemical-Mechanical Planarization”.

- Gregory Turner MS, “A Novel Method for Direct Solder Bump Pull Testing Using Lead-Free Solders”.

- Rico Kolossa, MS, “Design And Assembly Of A Novel Lab-On-A-Chip (LOC) For Detection Of Biofilm-Forming Bacteria”, Dual-degree Masters with TU Braunschweig, Germany and Mechanical Engineering, URI.

- Anurag Kumar, MS, “Development of 3-D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model of human brain for transport of drug in gray matter and white matter as porous media”.

- Narendra Sharma, MS, “Theoretical And Computational Analysis Of A Dimpled Femoral Head In Total Hip Replacement (THR) Using Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication (EHL) Theory “.

- Melissa Falkenbury Rock, MS, “Analytical and Computational Analyses of the Diffusion of a Chemotherapy Drug through the Gray Matter of the Human Brain”.

- Joseph Giancaspro, MS
- Kelly Maurice, MS
- Elizabeth Bleck, MS
- Robert Masinda, MS
- Vadim Gurevich, MS
- Melissa Boyajian, MS
- Greg Parascondolo, MS
- Renee Boeglin, MS


- 2020-Apr-08: Dillon Fontaine, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2020-Apr-15: (Minoo) Seyedeh Sahra Moafi Madani, PhD, Chemical Engineering
- 2019-Sep-11: Javier Fernandez, MS, Civil Engineering
- 2019-Jul-16: Aaron Meyer, PhD, Physics
- 2019-Jun-25: John Carlin, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2018-Aug-27: Nicholas Bonatt, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2018-May-17: John Nunes, MS
- 2018-Apr-11: Sarah Brent, PhD, Physics
- 2017-Apr-19: Bryan Salisbury, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2017-Apr-19: Syed Amir Hassan, defense Chair, MS, Civil Engineering
- 2017-Apr-18: Christian Mejia, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2016-Oct-17: Kimberly McCarthy, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2016-Apr-11: Craig Tilton, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2014: Gino Marchetti, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2014: Jonathan Benvenuto, MS, Ocean Engineering
- 2014: Payam Fahr, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2013: Harrison Zimmer, MS, Ocean Engineering
- 2013: Marsha Sintara, MS, Chemistry
- 2013: Chris O’Connell, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2013: Gifford Plume, PhD, Mechanical Engineering
- 2012 Apr: Kyle Morris, MS, Mechanical Engineering
- 2011 Nov: Thomas Hilfer, MS,Chemical Engineering.
- 2010 Feb: Qian Ni, MS, Chemical Engineering.
- 2009 Dec: Qiang Li, PhD, Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO).
- 2009 Dec: Thomas Barek, MS, Mechanical Engineering.

- 2009 Aug 31: Sabrina Puckett, PhD, Brown University, Division of Engineering “Nanostructured Materials for Improving Bone and Skin Growth in Transcutaneous Osseointegrated Devices”, Advisor: T. Webster.

- 2009 Jun 12: Joseph Kuehl, PhD, “Finite-Time Invariant Manifold Detection From Experimental Phase Space Trajectories”, Mechanical Engineering.

- 2008 Jul 17: Chang Yao, PhD, Brown University, Division of Engineering “Designing Novel Orthopedic Implants Based on an Anodization Platform”, Advisor: T. Webster.

- 2008 Feb: Jeffrey Harris, PhD, Ocean Engineering.

- 2007 Nov: David Spencer, dual-degree MS with URI and TU-BS, “Calculation, Simulation, And Experimental Investigation Of A Heat-Exchanger For A Micro Fuel-Cell System”.

- 2007 Jul: Yalin Fan, PhD, Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO), “Surface Gravity Wave Effect on Air-Sea Fluxes Under High Wind Conditions and Subsequent Effect on Ocean Response to Hurricanes”.

- 2006 Dec, Tobias Kukulka, PhD, Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO), “The Effect of Breaking Waves on a Coupled Model of Wind and Ocean Surface Waves”.

- 2005 Apr, Douglas Veilleux, PhD, Mechanical Engineering
- 2004 Aug, Jon Bell, MS, Ocean Engineering
- 2003 Dec, Stephen Turner, PhD, Mechanical Engineering
- 2003 Sept, Sam Carroll, MS, Ocean Engineering


2016-2017: Senior Capstone Design Team 20, Technical Advisor for the Capstone project “Analysis of Face Seal Contacts”. Students Chris Blewett, Jacob Gelinas, Tyler Patten and Jerel Rodrigues.

2014-2015: Catherine LiVolsi: Wind-Tunnel Experiments with Maple Seeds

2013-2015: Kevin Gemmell - Manuscript submitted, “Wear Experiments with Synthetic Sapphire and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene”.

2013: Alex Ensign: “Wind tunnel experiments to study air pressure-velocity profiles in highway underpasses during tornadoes”.

2012-2013: David Ponte: “Design and Fabrication of a Cast removal Device”.

2012 Spring: Gregory Turner and David Ponte: “Pressure Drop Measurements in Microchannels”.

2011 Fall: Payam Fahr and Gregory Turner, “Pressure Drop Measurements in Microchannels”.

- 2008 Fall: “Wind Turbine Blade CFD Simulations”, Pablo Saez, (Spanish Graduate Exchange Student).

- 2008-2009 Senior Capstone Design Course: Student Team: Colin Murphy, Drew Bangs, Michael Tobin, and Michael Falco.

- 2009 Spring: 3 Credits - Professional Elective, “Metal-to-Metal Seal”, Noel Chambers (Senior Undergraduate)

- 2009 Spring: 3 Credits - Professional Elective, “Effects of Aging on Rubber”, Greg Kiernan (Senior Undergraduate)

- 2008 Spring: 3 Credits – Professional Elective, “Flow Measurement Experiments on High Aspect Ratio Cylinders”, Adeowale Olayanju (Senior Undergraduate).

- 2008 Spring: Professional Elective, “Wind Turbine Blade Design and Experiments in the Wind Tunnel”, Miriam Caetano (Senior Undergraduate).

- 2007-2008 Capstone Design Course: “Design, Fabrication and Testing of Automatic Envelope Sealer”, Student Team: Ryan Sheatsley, Jean-Paul Vandeputte, Thomas Dutremble, Bradley Harriman, Anthony Neffinger, Vicken Rachdouni (Senior Undergraduate Students)

- 2007 Fall, “Scaling Correlations of Synovial Fluid Viscoelasticity During Gait Cycles”, Taylor Spalt

Mentored 2 undergraduate students in laboratory:
- Elizabeth Iacono
- Ryan Zyczynski

- Elizabeth Rosa: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
- Renee Boeglin: Bio-Ferrography for joint replacements
- Kerri Sirois: Bio-Ferrography for joint replacements
- Trevor Altman: Tribometer (wear tester) and data acquisition

- Ellaine Abueg: Bio-Ferrography with E.Coli
- Adam Tillinghast: Bio-Ferrography for joint replacements
- Nevan Hanumara: Bio-Ferrography for joint replacements
- Ana Franco: Bio-Ferrography for joint replacements

- “Wind Tunnel Experiments to Determine the Drag Coefficients and Drag Forces on Automobile Prototype”, Jose Morales
- “Wind Tunnel Experiments to Determine the Aerodynamic Effect of Spoilers”, Andres Almonte