B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (B.S.P.S.)

The four-year program offers students a solid foundation in the basic sciences, broad exposure to the liberal arts, and expertise within the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences. It is designed to provide educational and training experiences that prepare students for careers in the pharmaceutical, consumer product, and health care industries. Graduates of the B.S.P.S. program will be qualified to seek a diverse range of career options that include: research and development, manufacturing, product marketing, sales, testing, and administrative positions within the pharmaceutical industry; research and regulatory oversight careers within government agencies; and research and teaching positions in academia. As a prelude to many of these career opportunities, the program prepares students for graduate studies in the expanding fields of pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

The science component of the curriculum is consistent with the admission requirements of many basic science graduate programs and professional schools. Pharmaceutical Sciences courses offered in the third and fourth year will be drawn primarily from our existing curriculum, and will be taught by Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) and Department of Pharmacy Practice (PHP) faculty. They provide solid, fundamental training in the pharmaceutical sciences.  Students have the option to tailor their academic program to prepare them for the specific career paths that they choose by substituting up to 12 credits of B.S.P.S. courses with pre-approved Professional Electives.  The Associate Dean, in consultation with the BPS Department Chair and the B.S.P.S. Program Coordinator, will maintain a list of approved Professional Electives so that the list can be updated regularly to reflect new and obsolete courses. The four-year curriculum provides education and training comparable to that offered by similar B.S.P.S. programs, and conforms to University credit requirements for four-year degree programs.