Jordan Walsh

Sartini-Lab-002Project Title: DNA and RNA Isolations from Live and Cryopreserved Ovine Sperm

Mentor: Becky Sartini

Abstract: Previously, the Sartini Laboratory, has conducted experiments with bovine sperm in order to create both RNA and DNA isolation methods. Projects in this laboratory are aimed at finding genetic markers that lead to male infertility. The purpose of this experiment was to compare different methods of DNA and RNA isolations using Ovine sperm. Specifically, this experiment used beads to lyse the DNA and RNA. The main goal was to see if using beads would prove higher concentrations and higher purities. In addition to this, a cryopreservation method was created in order to keep samples for future research and to compare the isolation methods in frozen semen samples. The data revealed that our DNA isolation method with beads proved to be significant in the live sperm, whereas in the cryopreserved samples there was no significance in the data. The RNA procedures showed that using beads during the isolation methods is approaching significance. Future research includes, performing more RNA analysis and testing RNA isolation methods with the use of PCR amplification.