In the interest of creating a memorable Commencement Ceremony, the University asks that graduates follow these guidelines:

  • Remain in your seats until the recessional begins.
  • Be considerate with your applause when names of classmates are read, so that all names are heard.
  • Refrain from bringing confetti, balloons and noisemakers.

Also, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited during the Commencement Ceremonies and related activities. We appreciate your cooperation.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

And street clothing should be suitable for this special occasion. Concerning the cap and gown:

  • The gown should be worn closed in front.
  • The cap should be worn flat or cocked slightly forward. The inside of the crown of the cap usually has a mark indicating which point is the front of the cap. That point should face forward when the cap is worn.
  • The tassel is worn on the right until the degree has been conferred, at which time it is flipped to the left side.

Silence Your Phone

Or put it on vibrate to be respectful of the speakers and your fellow graduates. Remember, too, to keep your phone with you at all times. Leaving it on your seat in not advised as there is a chance you will return to a seat that is different than the one you had originally.

Leave Your Pet at Home

Only Certified Service Animals are permitted on campus during Commencement exercises. Pets and Emotional Support Animals are not allowed. For the safety of all guests and your pet, please leave your pet at home.

Enjoy the Ceremony

There is a great deal to see and experience on Commencement Weekend and much of it is underpinned by rich history. Learn about the significance and history of the commencement ceremony.

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