Graduate Procession Info

feet lining up for processionA few tips to ensure a seamless procession:

  • Pay attention to the person in front of you. Follow that person during the procession until you are seated. It is imperative that you remain in line and in order during the procession and upon arriving at the seating section so that your marshal can seat you in the correct order and in the proper place.
  • Note the order of degrees conferred. During the ceremony, a marshal will lead candidates for doctoral degrees to the stage to be hooded by the major professor assisted by the Provost. Candidates will proceed to center stage to receive the official diploma. After doctoral candidates have been hooded, candidates for masters degrees will be conducted to the stage by a marshal. When the Dean of the Graduate School announces the candidate’s name, the candidate will cross the stage and receive a diploma cover.
  • Take your belongings with you when you leave your seat. You may not be able to return to your prior seat, so don’t leave anything behind. If you carry a camera, purse, bag, etc. into the arena, you will be carrying it across the stage.
  • Exit after ceremony officials. Officials from the main platform will recess down the center aisle into the lobby areas of the Ryan Center, followed by graduates.
  • Follow the signs to the graduates’ reception. The reception for graduates and their families will be held in the Hope Commons dining area.

For more information about preparing for your graduate ceremony, take a look at our graduate degree checklist.


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