Undergraduate Checklist

Ready to walk? There are just a few things to take care of before the big day:

1. Review Your Academic Record

Undergraduates who have completed or are scheduled to complete degree requirements by December 2017, or May or August 2018 are eligible to participate in the ceremonies. Your receipt of commencement information or participation in the ceremony does not, in any way, constitute certification for graduation.

If you are unsure of your academic status, meet with your academic advisor to ensure that you have met the eligibility requirements.

At your College Ceremony, you will be called to cross the stage and will be handed a diploma cover. You will receive your actual diploma in August.

GPA requirements for graduating with honors are as follows: Cum Laude, 3.3; Magna Cum Laude, 3.5; Summa Cum Laude, 3.7. These designations are not specific to your major but are overall.

2. Check The Spelling of Your Name

Your name as it is shown on e-Campus is what will be on your diploma, in the commencement program, and in any local newspaper listing. You may also add a “degree name” if you wish to include your middle initial or name on the diploma.


  • Remove any restrictions you may have set including any Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) holds that will prevent your name from appearing in the commencement program or in your local newspaper by April 1. To check your FERPA settings, log into e-Campus then go to Self Service–> Personal Information –> FERPA Restrictions –> Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions. To ensure your information is available in the program and to local papers, uncheck all boxes and click SAVE at the bottom.
  • Make sure your name, home address and email address are accurate. Your address on e-Campus is where Enrollment Services will send your bachelor’s or master’s degree diploma.
  • Ensure that there are no sanctions or restrictions on your e-Campus record. It is your responsibility to review and resolve any sanctions in order to receive your diploma and be recognized at commencement.

3. Order Your Cap & Gown

If you plan to participate in the Commencement Ceremony, you must wear academic regalia. Regalia may be purchased at the University Bookstore, from April 1 until May 20. These items are not returnable. A URI student ID is required.

Honors students: Honor cords are not available at the bookstore and must be purchased directly from the honor societies.

The tassel is worn on the right until the degree has been conferred, at which time it is flipped to the left side.

What’s your tassel color?

  • Arts and Sciences: B.A., white; B.S., golden yellow; B.M., pink; B.F.A., brown
  • Business Administration: drab (light brown)
  • Education and Professional Studies: B.G.S., light blue
  • Engineering: orange
  • Environment and Life Sciences: B.A., white; B.S., maize
  • Health Sciences: sage
  • Nursing: apricot
  • Pharmacy: B.S.P.S., olive; Pharm.D., black

4. Line Up!

Wonder where you should line up? And what time? Spend a few minutes reviewing your procession information.

Take the Rhody Senior Challenge

Members of this year’s graduating class will launch a student-led initiative to raise funds in support of the University of Rhode Island. As graduating seniors and the newest group of young alumni, this is your chance to recognize the efforts of past and current donors by becoming a donor yourself.

To encourage significant participation from members of the graduating class by June 30, gifts of any size will count and all will make a difference! Learn more about the Rhody Senior Challenge »

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