Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The College of the Environment and Life Sciences

Adjunct Faculty

Frank Asche

Professor, Univeristy of Stavanger Norway
Affiliation: Univeristy of Stavanger, Norway
Phone: 011-4751832286
Email: Frank.asche@uis.no
Research Area: Aquaculture and seafood markets

Christopher Anderson

Associate Profesor of Fisheries Economics
Affiliation: Univeristy of Washington Seattle, WA
Phone: 1-206-543-1101
Email: cmand@uw.edu
Research Area: Experimental economics

Thomas Grigalunas

Professor, retired
Research Area: Environmental economics

Daniel S. Holland

Research Scientist
Affiliation: NOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Phone: 1-227-228-1643
Email: dan.holland@noaa.gov
Research Area: Fisheries economics and management

Robert Johnston

Professor Economics
Affiliation: The George Perkins Marsh Institute-Director
Phone: 1-508-751-4619
Email: rjohnston@clarku.edu
Research Area: Valuation of non-market resources and ecosystem services

Marissa Mazzotta

Affiliation: US EPA
Email: mazzotta.marisa@epa.gov
Research Area: Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Cathy A. Roheim

Associate Professor Agricultural & Economics and Rural Sociology
Affiliation: Univeristy of Idaho
Phone: 1-208-885-7869
Email: crohemi@uidaho.edu
Research Area: Seafood marketing

Michael Rubino

Director Aquaculture at NOAA Fisheries
Affiliation: Office of Aquacultrure at NOAA Fisheries Service
Email: michael.rubino.noaa.gov
Research Area: Aquaculture

Jason Shogren

Professor Economics & Finance
Affiliation: Univeristy of Wyoming
Phone: 1-307-766-5430
Email: jramses@uwyo.edu
Research Area: Private motives of public policy, for environmental and natural resource issues

Stephen Swallow

Professor Agriculture and ResourceEconomics
Affiliation: University of Connecticut
Phone: 1-860-486-1917
Email: stephen.swallow@uconn.edu
Research Area: Environmental economics

Timothy Tyrrell – retired

Affiliation: Arizona State University
Phone: 602-496-0156
Email: Timothy.J.Tyrrell@asu.edu
Research Area: Community Resource/Development

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