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CELS Alumnus Saving the Ocean, One Law at a Time

MichaelConathan_1-400x301-1For Michael Conathan, University of Rhode Island was a factor in kick starting his career in marine politics.  After many years working in journalism, publishing, and the entertainment industry, he decided to return to his passion: saving the ocean.  In 2003, Conathan went back to school to get his masters in Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island.

 During his time at URI, Conathan helped found the URI Chapter of The Coastal Society, where he addressed emerging coastal issues. Conathan said his most memorable moments were developing relationships with fellow students and faculty.

 “It was a relatively small department, 3-4 dozen folks working together,” Conathan added.  “I still have great friendships from that group. That kind of camaraderie is something you don’t experience a whole lot in the outside world.” 

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