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Alumnus Getting Ahead through URI Experiencestashash

Alumnus Norman Tashash has fond memories of his time at the University of Rhode Island. The 1977 grad said the individuals he met here enhanced his college experience, most notably he reconnected with a childhood friend, Alicia, who is now his wife of 36 years.

Tashash transferred to URI from the University of Vermont after his freshman year and immediately jumped into challenging classes and labs while working part-time at both the Memorial Union grill and a nearby tree nursery.

He distinctly remembers Dr. Chet Houston, his advisor and microbiology professor, who left an indelible mark on Tashash’s college experience.

“He was a strict professor who didn’t fool around,” said Tashash. “But he was a good teacher and I learned a lot about microbiology.”

Tashash learned the benefits of being a serious student under Houston’s leadership, and the importance of not taking anything for granted. According to Tashash, this work ethic served him well in college and throughout his career [Learn more].

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