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CELS biochemistry major expanding her knowledge through Coastal Fellows Program

Kelsey Wright, a sophomore in the College of the Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) at University of Rhode Island, has dreamed of becoming a neuroscientist from a young age. Her love of the brain stemmed from watching NOVA and other science shows with her mom. It sparked her curiosity about genetics and how life functions.

“It scares some people that you are the sum of your chemical reactions,” Kelsey explains. “But, I think it’s kind of beautiful that we are so complex.”

Kelsey’s enthusiasm for the life sciences brought her to CELS where she studies biochemistry in hopes of becoming a research neuroscientist. At URI, she has challenged herself academically and socially. If taking organic chemistry freshman year wasn’t demanding enough, she joined the Quiddich team, a sport based on the Harry Potter books, while maintaining a high GPA. [Learn more]

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