Environmental Economics and Management

Environmental Economics and Management is an option in the ENRE major which blends the natural, physical and economic sciences.

Who should be interested?

Undergraduate students who have a strong interest in natural resource sciences, and in how the environment affects the economy, will find this to be a challenging and rewarding major. The Environmental Economics and Management (EEM) option is multidisciplinary, and prepares students to analyze rigorously problems of natural resource management by developing a broader understanding of the relationships between the processes of the physical and biological world, and of economic systems.

What type of career does this major prepare students for?

Government agencies, at the federal, state and local levels, are moving to implement ecosystem management as a foundation for setting policy and making environmental management decisions. In addition, most environmental policy assessments are now mandated to analyze the economic implications of those government decisions. Environmental managers are rapidly finding that environmental – or ecosystem – management problems are often driven by economic incentives. These factors suggest that environmental managers of the present and future will need an ever-increasing understanding of how economic factors may impact environmental management decisions and their effectiveness. Furthermore, private sector business, industry, and consulting will have an increasing demand for environmental specialists who understand both the natural sciences and the economy, particularly as the private sector faces new regulations on environmental quality.

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