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  • Check your “To Do” list on eCampus. If you are still unsure contact the Graduate School.

  • For currently enrolled students if the transfer credits have been applied they will appear on your unofficial transcripts.

    For new applicants please contact your department

  • Because a student must be registered in the semester they complete their program, CRG999 was created as a continuous registration. This is applicable when ALL COURSEWORK is completed and the thesis or dissertation has been defended. Used only when student must turn in a final copy, take comps or resolve any ‘incompletes’. This cannot be used unless you have successfully defended. See the Graduate Manual for complete guidelines.

  • The formatter is now available Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30, however you should contact the formatter by email to set up an appointment, particularly close to deadline dates.

  • When students log onto eCampus they are able to view any negative service indicators (a block) as well as their checklist which will reflect the same information. Different departments can issue blocks so you need to view not only what the block is but which department to contact to resolve the issue.

  • A proposal should be 15 pages not including Literature Cited and Appendix sections. Refer to the Graduate Manual for more detailed instruction.

  • Prospective students can check the status of their application on eCampus. Domestic students can create an eCampus account using their Social Security Numbers. International Students should contact the department they wish to study with to receive their URI ID number and create an Ecampus account using that instead of the social security number. For more details please see the Admissions area of the Graduate School website.

  • When taking some tests (GRE, TOEFL, etc.) a school code may be required. The School Code for URI is #3919.

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